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Chair Massage Pit Stop is a wellness company providing rapid relief massage services to keep your body working at peak performance. We believe in preventative solutions to relieve stress without hours lying with cucumbers over your eyes.


It's time to relax!

What is chair massage? It's a unique form of massage meant to increase performance rather than provide luxurious experiences... That doesn't mean we're not boujee at CMPS....

Get in. Get out. Get Living!

Chair massage Pit Stop serves the relaxation needs of personal and corporate wellness to revitalize and energize the body for peak performance in 70% less time than traditional massage.

With over a decade serving Buffalo, our clients live tension-free and fully energized. Targeted, routine treatments allow you to enjoy life's important moments without hours on a table.

Created by Jason Jones LMT in 2007, his goal was to bring a unique solution to the market, merging the most effective massage modalities to relieve tension without the discomfort of undressing and lying down for 60-90 minutes.

In 20-30 minutes, you receive the same benefits with maximum comfort so you can live well.


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Chair Massage Pit Stop

Address: 15 Lasalle Ave, Kenmore NY 14217

15 Lasalle Ave, Kenmore, NY 14217, USA