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Corporate Wellness Program

The financial cost of having an unhealthy organization is undeniable. From wasted resources and time to decreased productivity & increased employee turnover. We have the solution to keep your team in top shape mentally & physically.


It's time to relax!

What is chair massage? It's a unique form of massage meant to increase performance rather than provide luxurious experiences... That doesn't mean we're not boujee at CMPS....

We Come to Your Business

We specialize in corporate wellness in Buffalo. Serving over 50 companies across the metro area, you won't find a better team to increase your team's productivity and morale than Chair Massage Pit Stop's expert therapists.

From insurance companies to banks and everything in between, we bring our massage chairs to your business to ensure your employees can receive the treatment they need to keep producing results without stress and tension wreaking havoc on their bodies.

With 29% of employees saying they feel extremely stressed at work, how much happiness is your team missing out on? What can a 85% increase in productivity and mood do for your company?

Corporate Wellness Programs Are Proven To:

  • Increase Workplace Mood And Morale

  • Better, Deeper REM Sleep

  • Reduced Stress And Tension

  • Fosters Healthy Collaboration Over Staunch Competition

  • Clears Brain Fog Thus Enhancing Focus On Tasks

  • Easier Hiring And Employee Retention

  • Reduces Anxiety By 26% And Depression Scores Also Improve By 28% After The Massage.

  • Lowers Blood Pessure By 6% On Average

  • Prevents Repetitive Stress Injuries By 37%

  • Boosts Immune Function By 35% Which Means Less Sick Days

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In Your 20 - 30 Minute Call We Will Discuss...

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*How To Schedule The Chair Massages

* How Many Therapists Needed

* Massage Length

* How Far In Advance To Schedule

And Much More Information...

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